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Retail Store Solutions
Convenience for the customer is a must at retail stores.  Eastern Door Service carries a complete product line for use at retail stores.  Automatic entrance doors can offer customer convenience and access for the disabled.

Automatic swing door operators are most often used at main entrances to supermarkets, large drug stores and liquor stores.  They are best suited for one-way directional traffic and are far more energy efficient then automatic sliding doors with larger openings.

Automatic sliding doors can be used at the main entrance to just about any retail store.  They are ideally suited for two-way traffic and can provide a larger opening to move equipment and merchandise through.

ADA accessible door operators can provide convenience to disabled persons shopping at a retail establishment, as well as convenience to mom's pushing strollers, or persons carrying packages in their arms.

Automatic bifolding doors can be used to get larger door openings necessary for two-way traffic, but where space is just not available to accommodate a sliding door system.


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