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Eastern Door Service is providing this website as a service to the construction industry, building owners and design professionals.  We hope that you find it useful and are interested in purchasing our products and services.

We value the privacy of all individuals.  You can visit and view all pages in our website without providing any personal information.  In instances where we ask you to provide personal information, it is so requested to provide you with the best service and technical information possible.  Eastern Door Service does not sell any of information collected.  No unsolicited information or communications will be sent to you from Eastern Door Service or another vendor, as a result of you providing this information.

Eastern Door Service provides products and services only within our New Jersey USA marketing area.  Eastern Door Service might forward your personal information to our associated manufacturers, vendors and suppliers or other automatic entrance door, automatic window, revolving door or security portal contractors, if your request is outside of our marketing area.

Eastern Doors Service is not a manufacturer of any products.  Eastern Door Service and its employees are not architects, engineers or building code experts.  As a result, we might also forward this information to associated vendors and suppliers, should you make a request for information or support that we can not or should not provide directly to you or your company.


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