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  • Belt Drive
    The ProSlide™ series 2003 has a commercial duty belt-drive transmission.  It has a 6"x6" head profile with larger carrier wheels for heavier doors.

  • All Glass Sliding Doors
    The Elegant™ series 2510 Elegant™ Door has 1/2" tempered glass sliding door panels with no vertical stiles.  It uses the series 2001 superior duty operator system.

  • Linear Drive
    The Profiler™ series 2000 has a unique gearless linear drive-train.  This hallmark of the automatic door industry, has a compact 4"x6" head profile, smooth operation and long life dependability.

  • Compact Belt Drive
    Horton compact belt drive door operator system.  The Profiler™ B series 2000B has the same compact door operator header/track system as the Profiler™ series 2000 linear drive-train.

  • Superior Duty / Industrial
    The HD-Slide™ series 2001 has a rugged superior duty transmission and extra large 6"x8" header/track for very heavy commercial and industrial doors.  The series 2001 is a Horton Automatics' exclusive product grade.  No other manufacturers offer an equal design.

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