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Horton Revolving Doors
Horton brings more than 43 years' experience and a history of innovative ideas to every door they manufacture. Horton revolving doors are elegant, energy efficient and exceptionally engineered.

Horton doors are available in round and segmented enclosure designs, aluminum anodized and painted finishes, and bronze and stainless steel cladding. The Horton AutoFlow™ models are hands free automatic revolving doors. The ControlFlow™ models are card access security revolving doors. Horton's Grand Revolving Doors are large diameter entrance systems that can be used in supermarkets, hospitals, airports, office buildings and hotels. It has more safety features, than any other revolving door in its class.

  • EasyFlow™ - Manually Operated Revolving Door
    The EasyFlow™  series 9500 manual revolving doors are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

  • AutoFlow™ - Automatic Revolving Door
    The AutoFlow series 9300 Automatic Revolving Doors can be used in hospitals, hotels, airports, banks, office buildings and similar applications.

  • ControlFlow™ - Card Access Revolving Door
    The ControlFlow™ revolving doors can monitor and control access to your facility at a substantially lower cost than manned security entrances.

  • Grand Revolver™ - Large Diameter Revolving Door
    The Horton series 9600 Grand Revolving Door entrance system provides a very large rotating opening. These doors are ideal for hospitals, airports, and hotels.


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