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Horton ProfilerICU™
ICU-CCU doors from Horton Automatics provide manual sliding door performance in normal use, with instant access swing door capability when needed. The door panels easily slide open and then swing into the room, forming a full width opening when required.  The unit can be installed, so that the doors will either swing out or into the patients room.

Horton ICU-CCU sliding doors are available in a wide range of sizes and door panel configurations, including as a single sliding door, biparting doors, and telescoping configurations. The door panels slide on an overhead header/track system and are available without floor mounted sway guides for easy floor clean-up.

Smoke Rated ICU Doors
Smoke rated ICU sliding and swinging doors with matching profiles are also available.  Call Eastern Door Service for details.

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Durable Faux Wood Grain Finishes

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