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Horton Automatics 9640 Grand Revolving door.

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Horton Grand Revolving Door
The Horton series 9600 Grand Revolving Door entrance system provides a very large rotating opening. These doors are ideal for hospitals, airports, and supermarkets.

The Horton Grand Revolving Door is well equipped with safety features. The door's entry throats have cushioned safety edges that stop the rotation of the door, and prevents limb entrapment. Horton's patented Stop Guard door wing mounted sensors first slows the door, when approaching slow moving pedestrians and then stops the door's rotation if a person or object comes too close to the door wing. The Toe Guard cushioned bottom door rail switch prevents injury to a pedestrians foot. Additional safety features include electronic pressure sensing and door wing position cut-off switches. No other large diameter door in the industry provides more safety features than the Horton series 9600 Grand Revolving Door.

The Grand Revolving Door is also available in segmented or round enclosure wall designs. The center can be supplied with a rotating display case or clear glass core. Segmented doors can be made with a round canopy.

These doors are ideal for high volume traffic. They come in 12', 14', 16', 18', and 20' diameters and will accommodate strollers, wheelchairs, grocery carts, luggage carts, bicycles, hospital stretchers, and groups of pedestrians walking together

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