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Horton Automatics 9240 security revolving door.

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ControlFlow™ Revolving Doors
The Horton ControlFlow™ revolving doors can monitor and control access to your facility at a substantially lower cost than manned security entrances. The payback period for these revolving security doors is typically four to eight months, when replacing manned entrances.

The series 9200 Card Access Security Door is designed for office buildings, research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, high tech companies, computer rooms, and other secure facilities. The series 9200 is designed to work with most all card reader systems and other types of security access control devices. These Horton revolving security doors prevent tail-gating pedestrians from entering (or leaving) a secured area. They are available in 6', 6'-6" and 7' diameters.

The Horton series 9100 Directional Security door is suitable for airports, as well as banks, hospitals, and office buildings, that require one-way egress while preventing entry into the building. The series 9100 is available in 7', 8', 9', and 10' diameters. Three wing doors of 9' and 10' diameter are able to accommodate wheelchairs, strollers, baggage and carts.

Eastern Door Service has extensive experience with revolving security doors from Horton Automatics, and we offer free design assistance and on site surveying within our marketing area.

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