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ED1200 Bifolding Door by DORMA Automatics

DORMA ED1200 Automatic Bi-Folding Doors

The ESA bi-folding Door
The ED1200 Bi-Fold Door combines proven mechanical design with easily programmable control units, creating a reliable, durable, easy to install door. The ED1200 uses the heavy duty, strong, intelli­gent, and flexible ED400 controller and operator to ensure that the bi-fold doors operate smoothly. This door provides a wider clear opening than bi-folding or swinging doors—its easy breakout mechanism allows the ED1200 to utilize the full door opening. The result is easy 2-way traffic for your building entrance. Available for both interior and exterior surface applied applications, the ED1200 features double weathering at lead and pivot edges and will continue operating in extremes of hot or cold. The ED1200 Bi-Fold Door is available in configurations that break out to the fold or non-fold side. A built-in circuit allows for fire alarm integration and control..

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