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Crane Revolving Doors
For more than 60 years, Crane Revolving Doors has been the choice of leading architects for commercial and institutional buildings throughout the world. Our passion for quality, precision, and innovative design makes our products favorites among architects, specifiers, interior designers, end-users, and others in the commercial building trades.

Crane revolving doors are available in hundreds of configurations to meet virtually any application. You may choose the glass, metal, and finish as well as design, size, operation, accessories, and attachment plan. Our team of highly skilled engineers and dedicated craftsmen will deliver a door that is both functional and beautiful. Crane is one of the only manufacturers in the world that still offers a fully welded revolving door product - a testament to our commitment to quality. The beauty and elegance of Crane Manual, Automatic, and Security revolving doors can be found in all types of buildings worldwide.


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