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Boon Edam Tournex Large Diameter Automatic Revolving door.

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Tournex Large Diameter Revolving Door
The Tournex is a fully Automatic Revolving Door available in both 3-wing and 4-wing configurations. Two standard models, the Tournex Showcase and Tournex Star, are available in sizes ranging from 12’0” to 20’0” in diameter. Although both models offer a glass center core, the Showcase model offers a functional display case. The Tournex provides a comfortable compartment size for most applications and traffic requirements.

Operating on the principle of “always open, always closed’, this automatic revolving door is closed to drafts, unwanted outside air, noise and dirt, but visitors can pass through easily and efficiently without impairing the door’s energy-saving benefits.

The Tournex is a smart choice for most heavy traffic flow applications where an energy-saving revolving door is required.

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