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Boon Edam Tourlock security revolving door.

Specifications Tourlock 90-180 | Specifications Tourlock 120
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Tourlock Security Revolving Doors
Our Tourlock is to be found in areas where a high level of security has to be balanced with ease and speed of operation. With a Tourlock, surveillance by a third party, such as guards, is no longer necessary. You will often find our Tourlock in for example government buildings, banks, airports and corporate offices.

NEW: StereoVision!
Our newest security system is StereoVision, that has been exclusively developed for this high security revolving door. StereoVision is a highly sophisticated security system that recognizes shapes, size and volume in three dimensions. By analyzing these data, the system determines the number of people attempting to enter on one authorization and blocks the door, when violation is detected.

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