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TAP-50 Security Portals

TAP-50Boon Edam TAP-50
The TAP-50 Interlocking Door System is a fully programmable half cylinder portal which can be designed with bullet resistant glass and uni-directional or bi-directional electrical controls.

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  • Prevents piggybacking using a sophisticated ultrasound sensor to scan the cabin and deny access if two or more people are detected

  • Fully programmable half cylinder portal

  • Utilizes existing swing doors

  • Minimizes construction necessary to accommodate portal installation

  • Designed with either uni-directional or bi-directional electrical controls

  • TAP-50SD: Swing door included with unit & optional bullet resistant glass

  • Integrates with any type of access control system, including biometrics

Working principle TAP50

Safety and Emergency Controls

  • The Interlocking Door System is equipped with an inside call button and intercom in the event that assistance is needed.

  • The remote control panel may be used by the installation site manager to open both doors for continuous entry and exit.

  • The portals can be connected to the building’s fire alarm system, opening both doors immediately to allow evacuation.

  • In the event of a power outage, the portal’s battery back-up system allows for two hours of continuous use. The portal also can be opened manually with a mechanical release lever that releases the door on the public side. On the secure side, a hand crank is provided to open the door.

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