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Low Energy Door Operators

Can't decide whether or not you should automate your doors.  Read our White Paper "All Doors Which are not Automatic" a guide to ADA accessible entrances.

Low Energy Automatic Door Operators allow swing door entrances to comply with ADA requirements, usually for much less expense than providing the necessary maneuvering clearances required by manually operated doors.

The ADA allows up to 5 Lbs. of opening force at interior doors and suggests not more than 8 Lbs. at exterior doors. Many local codes enforce an 8 Lbs. maximum manual opening force at exterior doors. Low energy door operators can be beneficial at windy locations, since automatic doors are ADA exempt from manual opening forces a higher spring closing force of up to 15 Lbs. can be used to keep these problem doors closed.

ADA Low Energy Door Operators
Horton EasyAccess | DORMA ED700

ADA Heavy Duty Low Energy Door Operators
Horton HD-Swing 4000LE | DORMA ED400

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